April 25, 2010
9am - 5pm

Digital Photography Technical Day
Exposure, RAW, Color Management and Printing

The age of digital photography is upon us, but full of new concepts, possibilities and challenges. Common problems make for common grief. In this day long series of lectures photographer Stephen Johnson addresses digital photography opportunities, workflows and many of the problems that come up for aspiring photographers and professionals. These issues are covered with a clarity and in a context so that their purpose and problem causing potential is understood and able to be applied to a photographer's workflow immediately.

Exposure and Histograms: Modern exposure techniques to understand and control the photograph with careful use of light meter, histogram and knowledge of RAW file possibilities.

Real World RAW : A RAW file is an uninterpreted stream of data, not yet a photograph. The real world is a complex and high dynamic range space, way beyond what is contained on a profiling target. This lecture integrates these two realities with the working of a landscape photographer dedicated to the most accurate color possible in photography. We are in an age of great interpretive power, but are relying on our eyes and judgement as much as color management. Where we are, where the technology could go, and what are the reasonable workflows given current technologies.

Down to Earth Color Management: An exploration of Color Management in theory and practice designed to get you comfortable with the concepts and architecture of color management and build practical experience methods for using profiles for display and in printing. Monitor calibration and print profiles will be explained and you will leave with a gut understanding of the why and how without feeling like you have to be a geek or a color scientist.

Fine-Art Digital Printing: This seminar focuses exclusively on improving your fine-art digital printing, primarily referencing Epson inkjet printers. Concentration will be on inkjet printing with color pigments and black/gray ink combinations on coated and rag papers. We will review workflow issues, color management, correcting color casts, adjustment layers, custom profile generation, editing and inspection. Discussions will also include an exploration of print aesthetics in the digital age - what makes for a beautiful print? - do the new possibilities enhance our notion of what photography can be? - are we merely trying to imitate traditional photographic processes? Papers and their printing problems and advantages will be weighed, as well as their visual qualities.

Archiving and Image Management: Securing your digital files as best we can, metadata and file naming protocols for informative image searches and building bodies of work.

Included in the seminar:
-Workflow Issues
-calibrate your monitor
-field color balance and our gray cap
-customize RAW presets
-metadata: name, label and keyword your
-preserve bit depth
-edit for image (tone and aspect ratio)
-curves for tone shaping
-calibrated print viewing light

for this seminar.
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